• Have we got a management consultant onboard this plane?

    31 augusti, 2019 av

    Have you ever heard cabin crew say that before? Didn’t think so. Do you think you will ever hear that mid flight onboard a plane in the future. Unlikely. I have no beef with management consultants. You can swap the job title to Investment banker, Sales Manager, IT engineer or any other profession that society… Läs mer

  • There is a scared person inside of you

    15 augusti, 2019 av

    7.7 billion people currently living on the planet. 4.4 billion people with internet connectivity. 500 million blogs globally. The odds are clearly stacked in my favour to grab your attention. Anyways, here we go. My attempt to get you to read what I want to write. I have something to tell, something to say and… Läs mer

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